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  The Open Joint-Stock Company “Lengipromez” is a legal successor of the Leningrad State Institute for Designing Iron and Steel Plants (Lengipromez) constituted by a Decree of the Government in 1926.

  For the considerable achievements in development of the iron and steel projects and a valuable contribution to development of the ferrous metallurgy Lengipromez has been decorated in 1976 with an “Order of the Red Banner of Labour”, a commemorative Medal “50 Years of the USSR” and with the Red Banner of the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR.

  Maintenance of the well-established traditions and improvement of the principles and methods of the metallurgical plant designing are considered by the Lengipromez management as the tasks of key importance.

  Lengipromez prepares designs of the units included into the makeup of a metallurgical complex as well as of the allied units and facilities:

  • Mechanical – repair shops and foundries;
  • Metallurgical departments at machine – building plants;
  • Nature conservation projects;
  • Utilities facilities with implementation of the advanced energy- saving technologies;
  • Infrastructure units.

  At present Lengipromez is the leader among the Russian engineering companies. The gained valuable experience and high-skilled personnel ensure the irreproachable level of the engineering solutions at all stages of designing:

  • Preparation of a Feasibility Study of a Project;
  • Financial and economic appraisal;
  • Selection and survey of a construction site;
  • Preparation of the documentation;
  • Simulation;
  • Environmental impact statement;
  • Designer’s supervision of construction (erection supervision);
  • Expert analysis of the design documentation;
  • Rendering consulting services;
  • Preparation of tender documents.

  The management of the Company is convinced that the “golden fund” of Lengipromez is formed, first of all, by its staff, and does its best for a proper development of the intellectual and creative potential and guarantee of the social well-being of the Company’s employees.

  Today, more than 300 persons are employed at the Institute, 170 of them are directly involved in the designing work. For the superior work in the course of many years and achievement of excellent results 12 specialists have been decorated with Orders and Medals of the former USSR and the Russian Federation, 36 persons were given a “Honourable Diploma”, 15 employees of the Institute acquired a title of a “Honoured Metallurgist” and 3 – a “Honoured Power Engineer”.

  The administration of the Company gives every support to attraction of the additional young staff. To date from the total number of the staff involved in designing 85 specialists are under 35 years.

  In the designing process the personnel of the Institute makes use of the software products of general-engineering as well as of special purposes (computations for ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling processes). The mathematical methods of designing (simulation) also find their application.

  The designers specialized in a wide range of disciplines are working at Lengipromez hand in hand. The accumulated extensive experience of their coordinated action and well-established long-term business relations of the Institute with specialized organizations make it possible to ensure exact co-ordination of the engineering approaches for all aspects of each project. Due to this, a designing period is considerably reduced and an efficient designer’s supervision of construction is provided.

  We furnish our clients with high-quality design documents in the form of soft as well as hard copies in the required number. For input-output of the documents the wide-frame scanners, printers and copiers are used. The modern bookbinding and laminating systems complete the cycle of reproducing a design on paper media.

  The existing today Quality Management System has been worked out at Lengipromez on the basis of the requirements of the International ISO 9000 Standards. The whole cycle of our specialists’ work is subordinated to the Quality Management System: starting from the survey works on site and to the project implementation. In 2003 the Institute has been granted the TϋV CERT Certificate for compliance with the DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 requirements.

  Our work collective looks with optimism to the future when we, in cooperation with you, will implement the new ambitious joint projects!

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